The Notre Dame Cathedral is the most popular landmark in Paris with over 13 million visitors every year.

A symbol of France, Notre Dame is a very old cathedral church in Paris, France. It is located in Île de la Cité on a small island on the river Seine in the middle of the city. The cathedral is one of the most popular attractions in Paris. Its foundation stone was laid in 1163 by Pope Alexander III. The landmark was completed in the 13th century and is among the most Gothic cathedrals of the Middle Ages, famous for its architectural attraction, antiquity and vast size. The Notre Dame Cathedral is the most popular landmark in Paris with over 13 million visitors every year. Read on below about the popular attractions of the Notre-Dame de Paris.

Explore the Cathedral at the frontage:
So many details at the frontage have been invented to represent parts of the Bible! These impressive constructions started during the 12th century. The main doorway in the center signifies the Last Judgment. The Elected people are found on the right side of the sculpture heading to the “promised paradise”. Jesus is presented as a Lord on his throne, ready to save the souls of humanity.

Discover inside of the Cathedral:
The queue is huge to enter the cathedral, but you can enter happily Free of charge. It is open every day of the year between 10 am and 6.30pm. You will be amazed when taking your first-steps inside and seeing the stained-glasses and rose window. The rose window was built in 1220 and represents the opposition between sins and virtues, with the Virgin-Mary at the center carrying the God-child.


Attractions of the top side of the Cathedral:
It can be a really surprising part of your tour! To visit the top area, you need to go 30 minutes before the opening time at 10 am. It will be helpful to avoid queues. The top of the Notre Dame Cathedral presents you an unbelievable 360-degree view of the City of Lights such as the Latin Quarter, the Eiffel Tower, Hotel de Ville, the Seine river, the gardens of the Cathedral and many more. Also, you can see a stunning view of all the most attractive landmarks of Paris from the front top of the cathedral. The view is absolutely worth the 422 step climb. You can include more adventures from the top and observe closely the gargoyles, elephant or the eagle.

More surprises around the surrounding area of the Cathedral:
• From the frontage, you can go on the right side to walk in the Jean XXlll garden.
• You can get there one of the oldest restaurants in Paris, which was established in 1594, and named “Au Vieux Paris”.
• Don’t forget to visit this amazing bookstore – The Shakespeare and Company! The storefront looks like the old times. The bookshelves cover the walls to the ceiling. You can also collect second-hand books within your budget. After visiting, you can say it is an institution for book lovers.

The Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the most iconic structures existing in Paris; its history and splendor have fascinated humans for generations.


Latest update about the Notre Dame of Paris:
Unfortunately, on the 15th of April 2019, a tragic accident occurred on the site. A fire burned on a section of the cathedral and smoke was wafting into the sky. The Cathedral had accidentally caught on fire; the flames burnt for over half a day. This caused massive damage to this historical popular structure. However, most of the artwork could be saved in the cathedral. There is a piece of good news: the French government declared that the damaged would be repaired and it would be rebuilt more attractively.

Yesim Rashada.


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