Fitness and the Business Owner

A fitness routine, whether it's an aerobics class, weight lifting, or yoga can be just what your body and mind need to obtain the business successes you strive for.

Juggling a busy work schedule with a fitness routine can be quite a challenge for any person in the workplace. Whether you’re off to a board meeting, seeing clients, running errands, or working on important deadlines, there never seems to be any time to go to that aerobics class at your local gym.

Dedication and focus on your work is truly important. The time and effort you put into your business with diligence, fortitude, and consistency will result in the business success you set out to achieve. It takes a lot of hard work, and often there is stress, setbacks, and minor failures along the way, but you know that it is all worth it.

This same attitude can be directed toward a workout routine, too. With the same focus, attention, dedication, and energy you bring to your work, can also be made when it comes to improving and building a successful body and mind.

In fact, the two can go hand in hand. Because a lot of time can be spent in the workplace, it can create an imbalance. Your efforts are spent toward creating the best business and having successful outcomes, but what about yourself? Are you treating yourself in the same way? Putting all your energies into one facet of your life – work – can be stressful and draining to your own body and mind. A balance is needed.

fitness and business owner

A fitness routine, whether it’s an aerobics class, weight lifting, or yoga can be just what your body and mind need to obtain the business successes you strive for. These sources of exercise can actually calm your mind; they give you an opportunity to take a break from the often non-stop nature of running a business. To feel fresh, energized, and motivated to move forward in your work, something that is physically healing may be in order.

Going to an aerobics class or hopping on an elliptical machine once in awhile can get your heart rate up in a positive way. Cardiovascular stimulation can keep fresh blood and oxygen flowing through your system so that your heart stays healthy. The overload of work can be wear and tear on your heart. Stress is a devastating condition that needs to be taken care of.

Another way to take care of stress is through yoga. The practice, in its various forms, can bring great clarity and release. Yoga primarily focuses on breath as the foundation of the practice. Whether you’re in a meditation class or a class that involves movement through specific postures, breath is the main focus. The breath conditions the heart for good blood flow as well as provides the energy needed to get through a moving practice. In a meditative state, the breath helps you to clear your mind, especially when it is full of thoughts that can be quite overwhelming and distracting. As a result of a yoga practice, you can walk away feeling renewed, recharged, and motivated to take on your next challenge.

Weight lifting can also be quite beneficial to the business person. Often in the business world, there can be a lot of sedentary moments: conferences, business meetings, etc. And because of your busy schedule, eating properly and in a healthy fashion can be a low priority. Muscle conditioning in the gym with weights can help keep your body in shape. Building muscle can actually help you lose weight (in addition to a consistent cardiovascular workout).


And finally, eating healthy nutritious meals is also an important factor when working toward balance in your lifestyle. Do you best to eat “real” food. That is, limit the highly processed foods. Even though they are very convenient and easy, the effort put into cooking, meal preparation, or ordering healthy meals during those lunch meetings can be rewarding. Good nutrition is necessary for the brain to function in its highest potential.

The goal here is to have success in every part of your life: your work, your body, your mind. Again, they all go hand in hand. When you take the time to take care of yourself, you’ll find that running your business will be less stressful and more rewarding.

John Cottrell


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