Love is not just about liking a person. Love means accepting a person in the toughest way imaginable. It is about supporting them in any and everything. Love means obligating to a person as you know they make you whole you in every single way. It does not mean being a duplication of another person, but somewhat being like a riddle bit that fits without a glitch with the other.

Your personalities match each other to produce better versions of you both. Love, once you discover it, is worth every passing instant of highs and lows. Love, even though it may diminish, under no circumstances gives up on you. Love that leaves is not gone; it will find you again sooner or later, possibly when you least anticipate it or it could be when you in fact want it to. Love doesn’t play by any person’s instructions.

Soul mates have two drives, they are either here to care for us as soul family, or they are folks we have such strong sensitive responses to, they are our mirror in life, and help us develop. Soul mates are the mirror image of ourselves: what we love in our soul mates, we love in ourselves. What we cannot ignore in our soul mates, we cannot ignore in ourselves. Soul mates have the heavenly tenacity of awakening us, and a lot of loving soul mates do just this, they are passionate, transient, provisional love obligations that help you fundamentally grow.


Every Tom, Dick, and Harry in the universe wants to find somebody that completes them and some will even go to any length to get that sweetheart. We all crave love and attention so we do all we can to make sure we get it. Finding your soul mate is a once in a lifetime experience. You only get one soul mate. They are plainly the other half that completes you as a person. You only get one other half, you don’t get multiple halves. At times they can be your better half, but anyway, you are whole together as both halves have been united. When you meet your soul mate, you are plainly joining two halves together to make one complete. You get the feeling of finally being whole and discovering your lost part. Finding your soul mate can equally be a blessing and a jinx. It’s a blessing if you come across each other and stay together, but a jinx if you meet but the timing is wide of the mark or other hindrances get in your way and you are enforced to be away from each other. Once you feel that soul mate link you are changed forever. It is a dominant unseen force and can only be felt by you and your other half.

We interact with many, many people during the course of our lives. And we are attracted to a few of them. But there are only a few that we are so attracted to that we make a conclusion to have them as our partners.

Author:Laura Darnal

Photo: feedinspiration


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